Job Descriptions

Licensed Psychologist

License to practice psychology in Pennsylvania required.   Psychologists sign an agreement to abide by the same rules and regulations as do other employees of The Institute for Behavior Change and agree to assume “full professional responsibility” for all of the services rendered by supervisees who operate under the scope of their practice.   Click here for Licensed Psychologist’s Job Description

Program Specialist

Masters degree, with training & expertise in diagnostic educational testing is required.   Under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist and a Certified School Psychologist, the Program Specialist administers, scores and interprets the results of diagnostic testing for children in public and private schools, and consults with school faculty, administration, and parents/guardians of students regarding special education regulations and other matters germane to the delivery of special education services to appropriately qualified children. Using computerized scoring software and other report-authoring aids, the Program Specialist will create literate, highly individualized reports of the strengths, weaknesses and needs of each child evaluated, including specific recommendations for educational, behavioral and social-emotional interventions as appropriate, and delivers these reports in draft form for review and approval by a Certified School Psychologist and licensed professional psychologist.   Click here for Program Specialist’s Job Description

Behavior Specialist Consultant and Behavior Consultant (BSC/BC)

Masters degree, with training and expertise in clinical (behavioral) psychology is required.   Behavior Specialist Consultants/Behavior Consultants deliver EPSDT funded behavioral health services by developing written treatment plans to guide the child’s treatment process. They have Masters degrees and at least one year of experience providing behaviorally-based treatment to children and adolescents, and meet with Therapeutic Staff Support/Behavioral Health Technician (TSS/BHT) providers once weekly to assure that all aspects of the child’s treatment program are understood by the TSS/BHT provider and that appropriate interventions are being used. The BSC/BC revises the Treatment Plan as necessary, in close collaboration with parents or guardians and teachers, throughout the treatment authorization period, and facilitates the re-authorization of treatment.  Note: For reasons that remain obscure, BSC/BC providers in Philadelphia are required to have at least two (2) years of post-graduate experience, but everywhere else in Pennsylvania, only one year of prior experience working with children (as a TSS/BHT provider, for example) is required.  Click here for Behavior Specialist Consultant’s Job Description

Mobile Therapist

Masters degree, with training and expertise in clinical or counseling psychology is required.   Mobile Therapists deliver EPSDT funded mental health treatment services by visiting the child at home or in school to deliver on-site psychological counseling, and working closely with parents and teachers to enable them to respond more therapeutically to the child and help the child achieve age-appropriate social and emotional functioning goals as quickly as possible. In effect, a Mobile Therapist is a psychotherapist with a Masters degree and at least one year of experience providing counseling to children and adolescents who makes “house calls” under the direct and ongoing supervision of a licensed professional psychologist.   Click here for Mobile Therapist’s Job Description 

Therapeutic Staff Support / Behavior Health Technician (TSS/BHT) provider

BA degree in psychology, education or other Human Service field is required.   Therapeutic Staff Support/Behavior Health Technician (TSS/BHT) providers deliver EPSDT funded behavioral health services by working 1-on-1 with a child or adolescent in the child’s home, school or community to deter the child from behaving inappropriately, to teach the child how avoid inappropriate behavior, and to assist parents in helping their children to develop more successful, healthy and age-appropriate emotional coping and behavioral skills. TSS/BHT providers are supervised once weekly by a Masters-level mental health professional. 30 hours of pre-service training (paid time), and three to six hours of face-to-face observation during TSS/BHT service delivery by a Masters level mental health professional is required of all TSS/BHT providers before they can work independently with children. All TSS/BHT providers are required to obtain 20 hours of additional training annually.  Click here for the TSS/BHT Job Description

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