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Licensed Psychologist since 1981
Certified School Psychologist since 1984
Psychologist: The Devereux Foundation 9/77 – 2/92
Psychologist: Embreeville State Center 2/92 – 6/96
Founder & Director: The Network for Behavior Change  5/96 – present
Founder & Exec Dir: The Institute for Behavior Change  10/97 – present
Founder & Clin Director: Children’s Behavioral Health Ctr  11/06 – present
Founder and Director: OurCaseManager.pro 4/09 – present

Since 1977, I have performed diagnostic psychological testing and behavioral treatment planning, concentrating on children with intellectual impairments, developmental disabilities and autism.  As a certified school psychologist, I have helped cognitively and emotionally challenged children to achieve greater success in school.   I have been an invited speaker at the annual AutismOne conference from 2009 to 2017 and at the Center for School Mental Health annual conference since from 2010 to 2017.  I especially enjoy presenting my work on the development of an innovative model for community-based mental health treatment of children via Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS, often mistakenly called “wraparound services” in Pennsylvania).  I call this model Effective Treatment in a wraparound cup® because it combines the practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)  with Full Fidelity Wraparound philosophy delivered by BHRS providers who operate under the scope of practice of licensed professional psychologists.  I was a national advisor to the National Wraparound Initiative from 2006 to 2010.  I wrote The Issachar Project in 2016 and The Kossor Scale for Treatment Outcome Measurement in 2018; both available on Amazon.

I invented a device called the “Behavior Barometer” in 1993 which has proven to be very effective at helping children ages 2-10 to change destructive behavior patterns and created a diagnostic tool to facilitate the discovery of Lyme disease in children.  I provide leadership to a nonprofit Foundation that delivers training and supervision to providers of Behavior Specialist, Mobile Therapy and Therapeutic Staff Support (these are all Medicaid EPSDT “Behavioral Health Rehabilitation” services).  I formed and direct what has become the largest private psychology practice in Pennsylvania dedicated to serving children that oversees the delivery of BHRS treatment to children enrolled in Medicaid and created a facility where diagnostic psychological evaluations of Pennsylvania children with disabilities can be completed quickly and at no cost to families, regardless of income.  I created OurCaseManager.pro to offer expert case management consultations to parents of children with disabilities (and the professionals who collaborate with them), based on national standards of practice and the treatment outcome measurement and funding strategies that I have developed and tested successfully in Pennsylvania since 1981.  The database of behavioral treatment plans that I assembled called TreatmentPlansThatWorked.com is a resource to parents and professionals seeking excellent standards for mental health treatment planning and monitoring.  I have been married to my wife, Kathie, since 1980 and have two children.  I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey and am qualified in Federal court as an expert witness regarding Medicaid, EPSDT, BHRS and Special Education.

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