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Steven Kossor (IBC) - Treatment/Behavioral Health Blog Now Available!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Steven Kossor's Blog - Celebrating over 25 years in business of treating, funding, measuring, and challenging childhood behavioral health issues and paradigms. We are proud to be re-launching our published blog, which includes topics such as: Treatment Funding Secrets, Behavioral Health in the Context of COVID-19, The Kossor Scale for Treatment Outcome Measurements, and Autism Research!

Proudly boasting positive efficacy results (and metrics)!

We have found that in over 75% of 887 cases, including over 550 with Autism Spectrum Disorders and over 250 with ADHD, troublesome behavior was reduced through our IBHS treatment model in one year or less - many in four months. 90% finished successfully in 3 years of less. Affordable, accessible, informative, & effective behavioral treatment plans - for children and teens of all backgrounds. Read more at our published blog: Here!

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