School Services

Key Benefits

  • Ongoing program supervision, and total service monitoring, by Certified School Psychologists
  • Strategic consultations seek to empower faculty, administration, and parents in win-win collaborations

Summary of School Consultation Services

The Institute for Behavior Change staff have a proven track record of excellence since 1992 in consultations with several Pennsylvania Charter Schools, and consultations at Approved Private Schools to develop comprehensive educational rehabilitation and treatment programs for students. Institute staff can perform diagnostic psychoeducational evaluations to determine if a child should be classified as a student in need of Special Education. Our staff’s evaluations are consistently praised by school faculty, administrators, and parents.

If a child requires behavioral support in order to remain in placement due to the presence of mental illness symptoms (including disruptive behavior, dangerous behavior, self-injurious behavior or severe withdrawal symptoms), The Institute for Behavior Change can provide staff to deliver “Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) to support the child until he or she is able to function more age-appropriately and independently in the classroom.  Institute staff can meet with students to provide in-school mental health counseling (Mobile Therapy) for children who require this level of intervention, and can also consult with children who have more academically-oriented needs.  There is no cost to the school or the parent for BHRS in Pennsylvania or 32 other states.  When it is necessary to explain complicated Special Education regulations to parents or others who are exasperated with these complexities, Institute staff can usually manage and redirect discussions toward positive, productive outcomes.

Contact our office for current fees for Comprehensive Evaluations (the finished Evaluation Report will be completed within 30 days after referral and can include IQ, Achievement and behavior assessments):  call 610-524-8701 x160 or write to


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