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Advocacy and Support for children and their parents

Our Model of IBHS works!   The Institute for Behavior Change (IBC) is pleased to announce the submission of a Program Assessment to the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) documenting the effectiveness of our model of IBHS called Effective Treatment in a Wraparound Cup®   The Program Assessment is available here.

Our Executive Director has been involved in the planning and delivery of community-based mental health treatment services for children since 1996.  We have been extremely successful in obtaining and keeping EPSDT funding for treatment programs involving 20, 30 and more hours of intensive, individualized treatment for children between the ages of 1 and 21 years with Autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and other conditions.  This funding is available in all 50 states to children with disabilities who are enrolled in Medicaid; it is a Civil Right, in fact.   Click here for in-depth information about EPSDT funded mental health treatment.

In 33 states, children with disabilities can enroll in Medicaid regardless of family income and are entitled to EPSDT funding for the treatment of their disability from birth to age 21.  This is “the greatest treatment funding secret ever concealed.”  You can learn more about it, and the success we’ve had with it, here; our Executive Director has produced several videos about EPSDT funding since 2007.

Many people have found our Executive Director’s training sessions to be more useful and informative than any other consultation they have ever had — they learn how how to get and keep the funding necessary for their child’s treatment services to be delivered in their home and the child’s school or community at no cost to parents whatsoever, through the EPSDT mandate of the Medicaid Act.

Training groups are available via ZOOM for families, advocates and others.  Please send e-mail inquiries about this to info@ibc-pa.org.

School Consultation Services

With a Certified School Psychologist from the Network for Behavior Change, we offer excellent and cost-effective support to children in public schools, including Charter Schools. Our staff can perform diagnostic psychoeducational evaluations to determine if a child needs to be classified as a student in need of Special Education services. Our staff can design educational remediation and behavioral support programs. Because our staff can also deliver EPSDT services in Pennsylvania, we can deliver behavioral support services to children in Pennsylvania schools — at no cost to the school or the child’s family.

Our staff offers expert advice and guidance regarding public school regulations (including Charter School regulations) in Pennsylvania. We can advise parents regarding how to obtain Medical Assistance benefits for a disabled child in Pennsylvania, Early Intervention services, help with understanding educational Due Process issues, right-to-education concerns for children with disabilities, special education program development, and other matters pertaining to child behavior and education in Pennsylvania. We support parents who object to the inappropriate use of psychological methods, measurements and techniques on children in educational settings.

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