Training Materials

Below is a listing of training material we have made available to the general public.  Other presentations by the Executive Director are available on YouTube.  Google Kossor EPSDT to see links to most of them.  Power Point presentations download for easy printing.

Video Orientation to IBC

This video is shown to our employees at the start of our Annual Training.  In it, the Founder of the Institute for Behavior Change, Steve Kossor, sets the tone for the training and describes the Institute’s mission.  Watch It Now

11/11/11 Conference Introduction and Presentation

By Lorri & Daniel Unumb on Medical Necessity, this is from our highly successful 11/11/11 conference. Lorri represents Autism Speaks; she and her husband wrote the first textbook on Autism & the Law.  This presentation is one hour long; it will take a few moments to begin streaming.  Watch It Now

The Medicaid-Education Connection

This program was presented at the 2012 Annual Convention of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and describes the Federal and State laws governing Medicaid and its use by schools to fund school-based mental health treatment programs in all 50 states.

Medicaid-eligible children have enforceable rights to obtain EPSDT services

This 2-page paper explains how Federal regulations give disabled children in all 50 states enforceable rights to access EPSDT funding for the treatment of their mental illness symptoms.  This includes symptoms of Autism and ADHD regardless of the child’s diagnosis.  In 36 states, this funding is available regardless of family income.  The list of these states appears in the Resources for Parents tab.

EPSDT – The Greatest Treatment Funding Secret Ever Concealed updated 11.10.2014

This program covers the EPSDT mandate and how Steve Kossor and the Institute for Behavior Change have been utilizing its resources since 1997.  The program addresses the obstacles and obstructions placed in the paths of children who need and are entitled to EPSDT funding for the treatment of their mental illness symptoms, including the use of the Office for Civil Rights.  The complete set of notes pages from the presentation is available by contacting the author at

Our Model of IBHS works!   The Institute for Behavior Change (IBC) is pleased to announce the submission of a Program Assessment to the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) documenting the effectiveness of our model of BHRS called Effective Treatment in a Wraparound Cup®   The Program Assessment is available here.

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