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Clinical Staff

Our clinical staff include licensed professional Psychologists and Counselors, Behavior Consultants, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Mobile Therapists and experts in Intensive Behavioral Health Services  (IBHS) administration.  Our intensive individualized treatment providers receive the best supervision and training available in this field.  Here are some of our most experienced staff.

Steve Kossor

Founder and CEO

Licensed Psychologist


Stephanie Ennis

Behavior Consultant, Licensed

Intake and Clinical Coordinator


Sierra Thornhill

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Behavior Consultant, Licensed


Rebecca Civera

Behavior Consultant, Behavioral Health Technician


Angela Kirwin

Behavior Consultant, Licensed


Bernard Collins

Behavior Consultant, Licensed

Kaitlin Walmer

Behavior Consultant,

Behavioral Health Technician


Tara Hummel

Licensed Professional Counselor

Behavior Consultant, Licensed


Jaclyn Kossor

Administrative Director

Tiffany Kauffman_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Tiffany Kauffman

Human Resources Director

Sharon Kayian

Billing and Quality Assurance Specialist

Taylor Pyle

Retention and Recruitment Specialist

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